Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be My Valentine?

We all either complain or brag on Valentines day, so here comes the extremely long post about Valentine's day. One half "OMG Valentine's day" the other half "Why does this day exist?".

So you have a date? A boyfriend? A love? A lover? Then boom do all that cute stuff you see in the movies. While yes many will argue that "it's just another day and if you truly love each other, this day should be no different than any other" you can still pretend this day is special. Valentines Day gives you an EXCUSE to ask someone out or to do something daring.


Also if you are planning on buying roses try referring to this website for extreme dedication (101 roses may be a bit much just putting that out there).

Now the whole other side of Valentines day is where I reside. I don't have a date but this is how I feel when my friends tell me all about their plans:

No, but really I don't mind valentines day. For me it's just another day of the week where I nearly get trampled by love birds and pink in the atmosphere. Don't get me wrong dates are cute and can be adorable on Valentines Day but in reality this is me at all times  --->>>

 Anyway for anyone out there without any plans watch a movie (action is always a good call); hang out with your friends; be lazy; EAT CHOCOLATE (the best thing to do any day).
<<--- Chocolate is always okay :)


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