Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Patterned Tunic

I wrote thank you cards to my professors for the end of the year. Do you remember my love for stationery? Oh, it's still here. I was finally able to open up a new stack of cards with recycled paper envelopes and new washi tape. I don't need much to make me happy :)

J'ai écrit des cartes de remerciement à mes profs pour la fin de l'année. Souvenez-vous de mon amour pour la papeterie? Il est toujours bel et bien là. J'ai enfin pu ouvrir un nouveau paquet de cartes avec des enveloppes en papier recyclé et mon nouveau scotch washi. Il m'ent faut peu pour être heureuse :)

Thrifted tunic, H&M jeans, Forever 21 bag, espadrilles from French market, Rag Vintage sunglasses

 photos: PAUL 


  1. This is is way cute! Probably one of my favorites from you!


  2. Love love love your sunglasses !

  3. I always love writing thank you notes to my professors at the end of the year! Can never pass up an opportunity to be thankful and kind!

    xo, Sarah |

  4. Cute sunglasses, love the shots!
    :) XX

  5. This is such a cute top! And I love love love that bag! Great post!

    Chapter Fifteen

  6. This pop of pink in your shoes is so cute! Thanks for sharing :)


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