Friday, December 26, 2014

Pink Pout

Lands End sweatshirt, Target shirt & watch, Urban Outfitters scarf, Loft pants, DSW shoes, Babylips chapstick, handmade ring and others on Etsy
A couple weeks ago, I was depressed and frustrated. I'm around 5'10". That's synonymous to... pants lengths problems. All of my pants, except for two, end right above my ankles. It's fine in the spring, when I roll them up, but come winter time, it isn't practical. Yes, I grew since last winter. It was high time to buy new pants.

My mom and I spent two days wandering in the mall, desperately looking for pants. H&M let me down. It was a big surprise because they normally have the right length. By chance, we walked into Loft, Ann Taylor's litter sister store. I found this dark blue-green pair after much effort and a bad mood. What do you think?

Il y a quelque semaines, je suis devenue déprimée et frustrée. Je mesure 1m78. Cela rime avec... problème avec la longueur des pantalons. Tous mes pantalons, sauf deux, m'arrivent au dessus des chevilles. C'est très pratique au printemps quand je les retrousse, mais arrivé en hiver, ce n'est plus très pratique. Oui, j'ai encore grandi depuis l'hiver dernier. Il était grand temps de me trouver d'autres pantalons. 

Ma mère et moi avons passé deux jours au centre commercial, essayant désespérément de me trouver des pantalons. Je n'ai pas trouvé mon bonheur à H&M. Grosse surprise, car normalement, ils ont la bonne longueur. Par hasard, nous sommes rentrées dans un magasin qui s'appelle Loft, la petite sœur d'Ann Taylor. J'ai trouvé ce pantalon vert canard après maints efforts et de mauvaise humeur. Qu'en pensez-vous?

photos: PAUL
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  1. Lovely photos,I love your sweater ♥

  2. looking so pretty as usual :) happy holidays!

  3. Great comfy and lovey outfit <3
    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Adorable!


  5. Awesome style!

  6. I think there's no need to pout any longer ;) love the pants, they are beautiful and what's more important, they look fab on you, Emma. Much better than any H&M pants could ever be. Love the complete look, Emma, you look beautiful, the touch of pink is awesome. Hope your Christmas was as great as mine.
    Happy holidays girls

  7. Love the shoes and the jumper! Perfect!

    xoxo Colli || TOBEYOUTIFUL

  8. pics in the forest are so cool!

  9. Love the pink and gray combo! looks so cozy, too :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  10. Some major arm candy and chic look :) Compliments of the season! I'm hosting a $100 Blogiversary Giveaway to any online clothing retailer of your choice. Please visit my blog for details (ends Dec 31st).



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