Thursday, December 11, 2014

Naked Snow

Ann Taylor Loft sweater, H&M pants and scarf, DWS shoes, Target sunnies, gifted rings, hat made by my mother

The title for this post was easy to think of. Firstly, these are the first pictures of my new haircut. Secondly, you are witnessing the first (real) snowfall. The first snowflakes are always the prettiest and most sacred. There's a certain naïveté to the beginning of winter: the ground is covered in a fine layer of white and there is peaceful silence, only to be disturbed by the cracking of trees.
What do you think of my hat, knitted by my mom?

Le titre de cet article m'est venu rapidement. Premièrement, voila les premières photos de ma nouvelle coupe de cheveux! Deuxièmement, vous assistez à la première neige (conséquente). Les premiers flocons sont toujours les plus beaux et les plus purs. Il y a une naïveté au début de l'hiver: le sol recouvert d'une fine couche de blanc et un silence paisible que seul le grincement des arbres dérange. 
Que pensez-vous de mon bonnet tricoté par ma mère?

photos: PAUL & I


  1. beautiful pictures and outfit dear :) I loveeee snow :)

    Your blog is so fun do you wanna follow each other?

  2. It did already snow at yours? I am waiting so desperatly for it!
    I love how you look to heaven, its so romantic and dreamy! Great pics!!!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  3. I really love seeing snow, you know in Milan, we rarely see snow, and your style is good for Winter, love your sweater

    new post on my blog

  4. You look so pretty and the pictures make me feel nostalgia! I really miss snow of my land: Russia, now I am living in Ecuador and there is never cold time here!
    Amazing post!

  5. That beanie with the sweater.......swoon........the perfect combination, Emma. Love he pics you've taken, very creative. All that snow looks so beautiful.
    kisses girls

  6. ah you guys are already covered in snow! Love the outfit

  7. J'aime, j'aime, j'aime! La neige, c'est magnifique! Quelle chance tu as d'en avoir! Je t'envie... Malheureusement, elle est rare chez nous...

    Ton look tout doux va si bien avec le silence de ce paysage enneigé ... Tu as dû remarqué que la neige crée ce silence si particulier qui la rend magique :)

  8. Great outfit,I love your hair ♥

  9. Great outfit,I love your hair ♥

  10. lovely outfit, it's perfect :)

  11. Wahh cette série de photo est incroyable, ta tenue poétique et romantique s'accorde parfaitement avec l'ambiance magique de la neige... Tes lunettes sont dingues avec les reflets colorés ! Ton pull tout douillet te rend si belle <3

  12. Amazing sunnies!
    Have happy holidays!!!


  13. Love your outfit so much (: you're so adorable and the pink color suits you well! x

  14. Really nice look !

  15. Love this outfit and the pictures, I wish it could snow in my city! The hat looks great, pretty much store bought, so cool that your mom made it!

    99 OUTFITS

  16. Beautiful outfit dear :) KISSSSS


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