Monday, October 6, 2014

"We Can Do It!"

Forever 21 shirt, Vintage shorts, espadrilles from French market, gifted jewelry and bag

Firstly, my boyfriend has great taste in bags. He got me this great ethnic bag from his trip to Israel this summer.

Secondly, let's talk about Emma Watson's GREAT speech on feminism delivered at the UN. We need more feminists in this world. I almost cried watching her giving such a moving speech. Not only is she a smart celebrity, funny and gorgeous, but she also wants to help other women (and men) make the world a place of equality. The day where women and men will have the same pay, I will be a happy girl. I didn't say "woman" because I hope that that day will be before my majority. Take the time to watch this video for your sake and others'.

Premièrement, mon copain a un goût impeccable question sac. Regardez ce qu'il m'a rapporté d'Israel cet été!

Deuxièmement, parlons du discours GÉNIAL d'Emma Watson à l'ONU. Il faut plus de féministes dans ce monde. J'ai presque pleuré en la regardant donner son discours émouvant. Non seulement est elle une célébrité intelligente, drôle et belle mais elle veut aussi aider les autres femmes (et hommes) à rendre le monde meilleur. Le jour où les femmes et les hommes seront payés le même salaire pour le même travail, je serai très heureuse. Je ne dis pas "femme" car j'espère que ça se passera avant! Prenez le temps de regarder cette vidéo pour votre bien et celui des autres!
photos: PAUL


  1. Love your outfit, you look amazing (: x

  2. Emma Watson is amazing!:)
    Cool outfit, your bag is gorgeous!

  3. love your bag

    would you like to follow each other? :)
    i'll follow back after it

  4. Love the outfit Emma, you look pretty as always. Lovely bag you bf gave you. It was a very moving speech, thx for sharing the link.
    kisses girls

  5. I love it!Sonice ! Bag is amazing

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  7. That bag is so cool!


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