Monday, June 9, 2014

Retro Sky Eyes

Target dress, watch & sunglasses, Lands End tshirt, Meg Erickson clutch, Madden Girl booties, Bernard Forever tattoo, Moa bracelets
Yes, we all know I love overalls a bit more than the average person. My little brother confirmed my thought when he entered my room to find out where we were going to take blog pictures. (Yes, he took these ones. He outdid himself and has become good!!) He made a face while stealing a grossed out glance at my overall dress. I'll admit that at the beginning, I was a bit troubled because I asked myself, briefly, if I hand't gone too far. Had I boughten something I shouldn't, that looked weird or didn't fit me? Two seconds after I put on my new pink sunglasses (I could wear them to bed, I love them so much), my new watch and grabbed my clutch, I changed my mind. I accept the fact that I wear overalls at age 16 and not four.

Oui, on sait toutes que j'aime les salopettes un peu plus que le Français lambda. Mon petit frère me l'a confirmé en entrant dans ma chambre pour savoir où on allait prendre des photos de blog.(Parce que oui, c'est lui qui a pris celles-ci. Il s'est surpassé et est devenu doué!!) Il a fait la moue en jetant un bref coup d'œil à ma robe salopette d'un air dégouté. Il faut dire qu'au début, j'étais un peu troublée parce que je me suis demandée, brièvement, si je n'en avais pas fait de trop. Est-ce que j'aurais acheté le vêtement de trop, du style bizarre et qui ne m'allait pas? Deux secondes après avoir mis mes nouvelles lunettes roses (que je pourrais porter au lit tellement je les aime), ma nouvelle montre et attrapé ma pochette, j'ai changé d'avis. J'assume le fait de porter des salopettes à 16 ans et non pas à quatre ans.

*congratulates herself and does a little happy dance in her new dress*
*se félicite et fait une petite danse de bonheur dans sa nouvelle robe*

photos: PAUL



  1. These pictures are amazing -- good job bro! And there is nothing wrong with overalls! I'm on the hunt for some myself. I love that yours is floral and not just denim like classic overalls.


  2. I LOVE the overall dress. I've been looking for one myself (but like you have been on the fence about it because I was afraid of going too far with them) but I may just have to buy one now. Gorgeous pictures!


  3. I really like your dress! I like your writing too!
    Your little brother took great pictures. The ones through the fence are very creative.

    Please check out my style too! xo


  4. such a cute dress... love the sunnies !

  5. This dress looks so cute on you! ;A; I love your style~<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  6. this dress is gorgeoussssssss. i want it.
    im having a cute little giveaway on my blog i think you'd enjoy :-)
    Jennifer's Journal xxx

  7. Love the bright colour of your clutch!

    xo T.


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