Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cherries & Sunshine

Forever 21 sweater, vintage shirt, Olive Clothing skirt, Dim tights, Accessorize bracelet, Dirty Laundry wellies, Urban Outfitters headband, Forever 21 & Khol's rings, DIY necklace
My two lovely friends from France shipped over this adorable friendship bracelet. It's a nice twist on the old cloth bracelets or "best friends forever"necklaces and charms. I love getting packages and letters in the mail. E-mail and texting are great. Nothing beats the feeling of opening up a letter, or ever better, a big package with your name stamped on it though.

Mes deux adorables amies de France, Mathilde et Pauline, m'ont envoyé ce joli bracelet d'amitié qui change des bracelets en tissu ou des colliers "amies pour la vie". J'adore recevoir des lettres et colis par la poste. Les mails et SMS sont bien et font l'affaire. Par contre, rien n'est mieux que d'ouvrir une enveloppe, ou encore, un paquet, écrit avec son nom. 



  1. Wonderful look, love this cozy cardigan. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. What do you mean letters and packages? What's that?? :D I got an actual letter from my best friend like a week ago but I didn't even know it was in the mailbox, she had to phone me and tell me to check it because she thought it was strange I didn't say anything for so long.:) Actual mail is the last thing on my mind but it does feel frigging awesome to open an actual letter.

    And I have to reply to your recent comment. I hate dog clothes too. I don't think dogs or other animals should wear clothes. But when his vet said that he's losing hair and needs to be walked in a coat when it's cold or raining or else he'll caught a cold or pneumonia, I had no choice. He hates it, I hate it, but it's a doctor's order...

    U, I can't forget, I love the friendship bracelet. It's a tiny turtle!! So adorable!!

  3. You're so damn gorgeous and I also love receiving mails and parcel over the letter box like everyday I'll check my letter box for mail/ parcel ! Lovely bracelet by the way (: x

  4. great look doll !!!

  5. J'adore ce look, le petit bandeau dans tes cheveux est super mimi ;)


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