Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Because I'm Happy

New Vintage military jacket, grandmother knit sweater, H&M jeans, knit scarf, Converse shoes
This song will make anyone happy, to the point of wearing Converse (yes, cloth sneakers) and skipping around on a snow covered road in New England. The most important thing is to surround yourself with humor and smiles, friends and family. Music for me (probably because I'm a dancer) is very important. You might have noticed the fair amount of posts with links to music? I find it really important to be familiar with different genres and artists. What's your favorite song right now?

Cette chanson peut mettre n'importe qui de bonne humeur, au point de porter des Converse (oui oui, des chaussures en toile) et sautiller sur une route enneigée de Nouvelle Angleterre. Le plus important, c'est de s'entourer d'humour, de sourires, d'amis et de sa famille. La musique pour moi (probablement en tant que danseuse) est très importante. Vous avez peut-être remarqué le nombre de billets avec un lien à une chanson? Je trouve cela important de connaître beaucoup de genres et d'artistes. Quelle est votre chanson préférée du moment?

photos: MIKI


  1. lovely photos dear !!!
    love the scarf !

  2. That song really is happy and cheerful, I'd jump around in snow in Converse too if we had snow.:D I'm also a music freak, I can't have a day go by without listening to my mp3 player or radio or something. At the moment I'm actually listening to some old stuff, the Abraxas album by Santana. Good stuff.:)

  3. All your photos are lovely babe (: love the snow and everything (: x

  4. Great photos, and yes! you look really happy :) I love your sneakers :)

  5. Oh My!!! So much snow! I'm so jealous!!!!!
    XOXO from Shanghai! Keep in touch!

  6. Because you're happy!! haha J'adore cette chanson!!!! Tu es toute jolie!!!J'aime bien tes chaussures!!!


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