Wednesday, September 24, 2014

European Encounters

Hey Y'all, 
So for the month of June I spent my time traveling around western Europe with some close friends. We began our journey in Paris where we stayed for a ten days. After that we traveled up to southern Germany and visited the EU and a few cathedrals. We then drove down to Geneva Switzerland and stayed in a hostel on the Geneva Lake. We ended the trip in Provence (southern France) and took a few trips down to the Mediterranean before flying home. 
So here is a small collection of photos from the trip with some advice and stories mixed in. 
*All photos are mine*
I took this in the gardens of the Musée Rodin

Before heading out to a concert in a stain glass covered cathedral

After completing a four hour hike in the Swiss Alps  

Swiss Alps panoramas

Mediterranean bathing :) (the only place I could truly float in water)

The Kiss by Rodin

The Kiss by Michaela :) 

Smiles in Le Louvre 

Napoleon asked me to move in (Napoleons Apartments in Le Louvre)

Le Louvre

L'arc de Triomphe

We did a ton of sketching and writing while traveling. It is something I strongly recommend when traveling. By sketching a scene you are given the chance to truly see it, a quick photo does not allow the amazement to sink in. Writing is similar in the way that you are given a moment to put your awe on paper. It truly gives perspective to each situation and how amazing it all is. 

Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart)

Some art from le musée Pompidou 

above and below were taken at le musée Pompidou 

View from the Eiffel Tour

kisses on top of the eiffel tower 

Throughout the trip we would head on morning runs or swims. In Paris each morning we'd head out for a run along the Seine and past Notre Dame. In Geneva we'd take morning dips in the lake after conditioning. The Alps were the prime place for yoga and meditation and Southern France ended with runs just like Paris. Feeling the land and seeing sights as you pass is a great new way to experience a place. 

When you travel make sure to become close and happy with those traveling with you. Traveling is the greatest way to expand your mind and soul and sharing that experience with others is wonderful. 

The City Of Lights

A chapel in Germany

My new favorite place in the world: the Swiss Alps

We left the base around 12 and made it to the lodge by five. The hike was long and exhilarating. There was snow within two feet of flowers and cliffs that just seemed to tower. Rocks as old as gods and a sky so big and wide you could not fathom the space. 

The air was crisp and so fresh you felt like you were breathing for the first time. The streams were cold and the water tasted like ambrosia, made only for the gods. The grass beneath bare feet for yoga was a dream mat and the amount of small animals that shared the space you felt as though you were surrounded by the purest forms of life. 

No one else scaled the mountains with us and we stayed at a small lodge that served cheese fondue and bread for dinner and a large delicious breakfast before heading back down the mountain. The night in the small cabin was beautiful. I've never seen stars shine so brightly or so many shooting stars. The moons face was so clear and the silence seemed to echo. On the way down we all ran. Our backpacks strapped tightly to our bodies and our sports bras covered in sweat we ran our way down in an hour. The moment my foot touched the last slope all I wanted to do was turn around and never come down. 

We visited an old colosseum in southern France

The Ochre mines in France

A monastery surrounded by lavender. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos and small snip-its of the best month of my life :) 

Love, Miki


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. So jealous! Going to all the places you mentioned is my dream!

    1. Thank you so much!! You must go don't let it stay a dream make it happen you'll have no regrets :)

  2. Wow! you had a very well-spent vacation! I love the places your went too! And the photos are amazing <3

    Anyway dear, i am inviting you to join my giveaway. Join it here!

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    1. Thank you :)
      Awesome giveaway by the way and lovely blog

  3. I could move into that monastery and be perfectly, truly happy with the scent of lavender each day.

    1. It was wonderful. The smell was present no matter where you went and it was so different and beautiful I loved it!

  4. Oh my gosh! This is a beautiful summer! It truly looks like heaven. Ugh, I need to travel more! Your photos are so good, too!


  5. Wow so beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  6. Beautiful places dear !! Gorgeous photos!

  7. you took such beautiful pictures :) and europe is just filled with amazing architecture.

    1. It truly is. The different architecture from so many different time periods was stunning

  8. Oh wow!! You must have had a blast in Europe!! Thanks for your comment on my blog!!



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