Saturday, December 7, 2013

Laugh 'Cuz It's Good For You

Hey Y'all, 
I know the weathers been drowsy but thanksgiving just passed and christmas is right around the corner! 
Don't give up that holiday hope quite yet! :)
Some things to do to lighten up:
1) make a gingerbread house. then eat the whole thing
2) put up christmas lights. outside, inside. I string them around my bedroom
3) bake. food is always good 
4) clean, now is a great time to give away stuff you really just don't need
5) go do some community service! It'll make others happy as well as yourself 
6) get a joke book, I have five and i honestly love them
7) get an art project going, or some extravagant homemade gifts going (post to come soon)
8) be happy :) 

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Levi
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Belt: J. Crew

Just an update on the boots: I actually did this shoot within the second day of getting these boots but have since returned them. I decided as a holiday gift to myself (as well my birthday) I bought a pair of Frye boots and will be doing a post on them soon :) 



  1. Très jolies photos!!!Les bottes sont canons!!! :)

  2. The sweater look great and all the boots are good (: x

  3. Ok, frist of all, these shots are gorgeous, I really love the first three! And the message is great too, everyone should laugh and smile more, you see so many bored and sad faces walking down a street, what the heck is wrong with people?! I find plenty of reasons to smile, even if it's just being alive, for Peet's sake.:) Happy Tuesday, ladies!!!;)


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