Friday, December 13, 2013

A Head Full Of Flowers

The cold has come, nipping at the tips of my ears, breathing its breath on my rosy cheeks and dry hands. The flowers have disappeared and the last bits of green grass are beginning to fade under a deep white blanket. The stairs creek in the frozen air and my car engine takes its sweet time warming up in the 15 degree mornings. Winter has come, brace yourselves.

As the snow has begun to fall my skin decides now is the time to shrivel. Lotion doesn't seem to keep my knees from cracking and my knuckles and beginning to go. So I finally have submitted myself to oil. Before I never liked the idea of it because it just seemed gross. But actually its so freeking helpful. I use Neutrogena body oil and apply it once a day. I mainly do this because I play basketball almost every day of the week and having my legs exposed to the colder air quickly dries them out. I definitely recommend it even if you don't do sports.  

Skirt: H&M
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Headband: Aerie 

Traveling is probably one of my favorite things ever. Ever. I love to experience different cultures and not just view them as a tourist but be a part of them. When I was a freshman I spent a month in France and it was so wonderful. Since my mother is Danish I've gone to Denmark every year and there is just something so happy and sweet about the cobblestone roads and freshly baked bread on every corner. 

Favorite song at the moment: Say Something by A Great Big World 

Mind you these pictures were taken in 19 degree (Fahrenheit) weather with wind...FREEZING

Just pulling a Marilyn Monroe 



  1. Lovely hair and finger accessories(: , so pretty. x

  2. J’adore. Super chou tes photos!
    N’hésite pas à visiter mon blog :)


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