Friday, September 6, 2013


Remember when I was talking about all those magazines that I cut up over the summer here? Well... it's done! I made a fitness inspirational board and a moodboard. You'll see a lot of Emma Watson, some Asos, black & white, Karlie Kloss, some Meryl Streep, Repetto () and many other "it-girls". 

Vous vous souvenez de quand je parlais de tous les magazines que j'avais découpés cet été par ici? Et bien... c'est fini! J'ai fait un tableau de sport et un de mode. Il y a beucoup d'Emma Watson, un peu d'Asos, du noir & blanc, Karlie Kloss, du Meryl Streep, un chouia de Repetto () et beaucoup d'autres "it-girls". 



  1. Lovely boards, great idea. Sometimes we need something extra to motivate us.
    Dusana :-)

  2. Cute Vineyard Vines sticker, my not so preppy friend <3

  3. such a great idea :)

  4. Such a pretty board and it's such a good inspiration (: x


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