Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Golden Girl

Old Navy chambray shirt, Rosebud tee, H&M skinnies, Madden Girl booties, gifted jewlery
It has snowed three times. We've had one snow storm. This is just to say I needed to post these pictures up today before the outfits with snowflakes in my hair!

This is a casual look but the fact that my hair looks like Rapunzel or Goldiocks makes up for it.

Il a neigé trois fois déjà. On a eu une tempête de neige. C'est juste pour vous dire que je dois poster ce look aujourd'hui avant d'avoir des flocons de neige dans les cheveux.

C'est un look simple, mais aujourd'hui, avec le reflet de la lumière, mes cheveux ressemblent à ceux de Raiponce. Voilà donc mon excuse!  



  1. Tes cheveux sont magnifiques!!J'adore les photos, elles sont trop belles!!!Super tenue!! :)

  2. great post!

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  3. Very cool simple outfit! Beautiful hair!

  4. Beautiful pics! love the necklace!
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  5. Your hair really does look like Rapunzel's!!:D And it snowed 3 times and you had a snowstorm?!?! I think it might be raining today, but other than that, I doesn't feel like winter here. I don't know it I should be happy about that or scared of what will hit us.:D


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